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Pain Relief in St Petersburg, FL

Massage • Cupping • AcuPressure
Acupuncture services coming soon

Stop Living With Pain!

Do you feel like no one is listening to you? Do you constantly feel beat up or told that your pain is “in your head”? EnerQi Wellness understands that pain can be debilitating, embarrassing and decrease your quality of life. We want to help!

Our mission: EnerQi Wellness is dedicated to providing a unique wellness experience for the Saint Petersburg, FL area by allowing them to feel heard, providing tools for stress reduction, holistic treatments for improved health, pain relief and support for emotional well-being.

Our vision: To be the trusted leader for holistic health in the Saint Petersburg, FL area. 

Denise Hart

Denise M. Hart

Licensed Massage Therapist
Acupuncture Physician in Training
Cupping Treatment


Some well needed me time

Massage Therapy



Neck adjustment

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Pain relief with regular sessions

Regular massage has been proven to relieve pain, improve circulation and elevate the mood. When adding our other specialties like: acupressure, lymphatic drainage and other services, you can take your massage session to a complete holistic treatment customized to your personal needs. You can experience all of these treatments and more in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg, FL. 

Come experience natural care for:

EnerQi Wellness LLC
100 2nd Ave S
Suite 904S
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Acupuncture in a Nutshell

The 12 Meridians of the Body Explained

The meridian system is a phrase that comes up often during acupuncture treatment. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that energy (also referred to as qi) flows throughout the body much like blood does. When this flow of energy becomes disrupted, symptoms and disease can occur. Acupuncture and other forms of Eastern medicine work to restore the flow of energy throughout

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LED Light Therapy & Acupuncture: A Perfect Pairing

Acupuncture is a proven treatment option when it comes to dealing with a host of health problems, from allergies to depression to chronic pain. Acupuncture is the key to restoring the body’s energy flow and achieving balance. Acupuncturists also may use herbal remedies, acupressure massage, and other modalities like LED light therapy to enhance their treatment and get improved

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Winning Combination: Cupping & Acupuncture

While you might be familiar with acupuncture or Traditional Chinese Medicine, cupping might be a new concept. It’s become more popular in recent years as celebrities and professional athletes have touted its benefits and proudly showcased the sometimes giant red welts on their bodies. But what is cupping and how does it work with a traditional acupuncture treatment? 

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